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Bright LED Head Lamp and Emergency Power Bank- USB Charging

Bright LED Head Lamp and Emergency Power Bank- USB Charging

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Product Description:

This headlamp is equipped with LED lamp beads with an upgraded light cup. It emits high-brightness and long-range shot light. It has a battery indicator and can also be used to charge mobile phones that support USB charging.

The headlamp has a protection level of life waterproof, which means that it can be used normally, and can deflect sudden splashes of water and dust. Please keep in mind that it is not waterproof, so please do not submerge it in water.

It supports multi-angle adjustment, with enhanced heat dissipation, so it will not get hot and make you uncomfortable when you use it. It has an independent switch so you can control the lamp as you wish.

The irradiation angle can be freely adjusted up and down 90 degrees and has a lighting range of 350m. It is equipped with three high-capacity lithium batteries, which last for about 8 hours depending on usage.

It is not only a headlight but also a productivity tool that liberates both hands. For night lighting in various industries, the headlight can be directly worn on the head for patrolling at night, sentry, flood fighting, rescue, field camping, tea picking, rubber tapping, outdoor riding, fishing, etc.         



Product Specification:

Color: Black

Material: Aluminum alloy

Size: 9cm

Weight: 300g

Function: Headlamp

Usage Time: 8H

Battery Information: 4500mAh

Power: 15W

Light color: White

Color temperature: 6500K

Working mode: super light - strong light - flash

Range: 350m

Protection Level: Life Waterproof



Package Inclusion:

1 x Headlamp

1 x USB Cable 

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